At the end of every month, You get a short review on recent activities on the blog and at Dr. Silke Bromann Japan Consulting.

Due to several assignments in the field of market research on plastics manufacturing topics, I did not add any further blog articles.

I took part in two networking events.

1) Meeting of Deutsches Competitive Intelligence Forum (dcif e.V.) in Frankfurt:
CI professionals either working in companies or as freelance consultants are using this occasion for networking and further education. In this month’s meeting questions regarding the qualification and career paths for CI professionals were discussed.

2) Eldery Care Day (“Tag der Altenpflege”) in Köln
There many issues in the elderly care system in Germany. At this event experts and care equipment and service providers exchanged views about how to improve the situation for the elderly, their families and care professionals. It is interesting have also a look at the situation in Japan because the Japanese population is ageing more rapidly.